Logistics area

    A flexible production system with constant integration which allows for reduced delivery times and continuous fulfilment of the dates agreed with the customer.
    Our company is a pioneer in “just in time” deliveries. This method, based on mutual trust between CEBB-Cableados and its customers, basically means being the first to meet the demands of our customers following their schedules and at the locations they have.

Capacity, volume and delivery lead times


Currently we cover the whole of Spain. We have our own fleet of vehicles that perform daily deliveries within a 300 kilometre radius, with a deadline of 72 hours for shipping to anywhere in Spain.

Volume and
delivery lead times

We have tight production lead times that allow delivery one week after receiving the order from the customer.
    Additionally, we can schedule deliveries on a monthly or yearly basis at the agreed time and location to ensure constant flow to the production lines of our customers.
300 km

Daily deliveries within a 300 km radius

72 hours

Delivery within 72 hours anywhere in Spain