In 1996 we implemented a quality system for the custom electrical wiring production area, obtaining ISO9001 certification. Later in 2013, we implemented our environmental and waste management system, obtaining ISO 14001 certification.
   We currently comply with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 according to the ES16/20970 and ES16/20969 certificates issued by SGS.

CERT ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Política de calidad
y ambiental

Environmental policy

CEBB Cableados considered the quality in its activities and respect for the environment as a strategic and fundamental factors to maintain a high level in the provision of their services.

Our main purpose is to achieve full satisfaction of our clients fulfilling their expectations with the highest quality and causing the least possible environmental impact.

This business strategy will allow us to increase our daily market position and differentiate ourselves from other competitors.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations on environmental issues and committed to meeting other requirements acquired voluntarily.

Setting goals for continuous improvement of the quality of our services and environmental performance consistent with nature and environmental impacts caused by our activities and this policy will be reviewed annually by management.

Prevention and reduction of environmental impacts of our activities, such as air pollution, noise and waste production as an integral part of our daily work, by optimizing the consumption of natural resources (oil, electricity, etc.) .

The promotion, training and awareness aimed at raising awareness and hold accountable all personnel in quality, satisfaction and customer and environmental protection.

To achieve this, we support our strategy in the Environmental Policy of the organization that includes the following points:

  • 1) Comply with the existing legislation on environmental protection and periodically assess the impact of the activity on the environment, in relation to the provisions in the field of electrical wiring.
  • 2) Establish and make an evaluation plan and continuous improvement in relation to the environment.

This policy must be understood and embraced by all staff of the organization and its employees. It will also be available to anyone who shows interest in her.

The Management undertakes to ensure its implementation and to periodically review its content, adapting it to the nature of their activities and their environmental impacts as well as the overall strategy of the organization.

Quality Policy

CEBB Cableados is an organization dedicated to developing as electrical wiring.

To meet the needs of our customers, our effort is focused primarily on advancing through:

  • Commitment of all persons we formed this organization to meet the requirements of our customers.
  • Pawn all our efforts on the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our quality management system..
  • Search for the complete satisfaction of our customers by developing products that meet their requirements.
  • Striving for excellence of our products and services meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and quality objectives.

All the people who make this organization are aware that for continuous improvement of our processes and achieving the goals we set have to use our:

  • Capacity: The ability of an organization system or process to realize a product that meets the requirements for that product.
  • Ability: Ability to successfully perform a task.
  • Leadership: Influence exerted on people and allows encourage them to work with enthusiasm by an objective.
  • Infrastructure: System equipment & services necessary for the operation of an organization.
  • Determination: Resolution is taken on a matter.
  • Assurance: Part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.
  • Decision determination, courage, firmness in the way of acting.