Origins and history

    In 1979 Ignacio Busto set up EIB Montajes Eléctricos, the precursor of CEBB Cableados.
15 years later the latter company was born, having been created to meet the growing demand for custom wiring.
     Currently, both CEBB Cableados and Cableados ASJE are established and competitive companies that have reached a high level of expertise and professionalism after several decades of business experience.

Cableados Asje S.L. Exterior Wiring CEBB Headquarters.


1979 EIB Montajes Eléctricos is set up in 1979 with the aim of carrying out electrical and electromechanical wiring for the small, medium and large industries proliferating in the Peralta area. Using highly innovative processes, its main activity was the mounting of industrial electrical wiring, telecommunications and air conditioning systems. At this point it began to develop custom wiring and serial boards as a service to the vending industry. 1994 In 1994, due to the increase in outsourcing of custom wiring, CEBB Cableados was set up as a company specialising in custom electrical wiring, mainly to serve the vending and renewable energy sectors: solar (photovoltaic) and wind (wind-turbines). 2006 In 2006, in order to complete its range of products in the electrical wiring sector, the company acquired Cableados ASJE, a company dedicated to the highly-specific precision wiring sector for electronics and payment services. Today CEBB Cableados and Cableados ASJE are currently well-established companies with a highly competitive structure of just over 70 people with more than 30 years of experience. Quality, flexibility and spirit of progress are their identifying characteristics.

Organization chart

Organigrama Grupo CEBB

Evolution in turnover and staff

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FEDER 2014-2020

CEBB Cableados has received a co-funded assistance 50% by the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Programme “ERDF 2014-2020” of Navarra focused on the project " Development of new range of connectivity systems with reduced size for premium markets”.