Market Niche

    CEBB Cableados started out as part of the well-established vending industry in the south of Navarra, consolidating its position as a leading company in the area along with the development of renewable energy, mainly wind and solar.
    With the acquisition of Cableados ASJE, we entered the field of precision wiring for the electronics world, allowing us to have access to new niche market. Currently our client base has become more diversified, and we are now specialists in several different sectors.

Montajes a medida para diversos sectores. Custom assemblies for various Sectors.


by sector



The main vending machine manufacturers at worldwide level are based in Spain. This type of machine requires complex internal wiring to connect the different elements within it. At both CEBB Cableados and Cableados ASJE we have over 20 years’ experience in preparing wiring for this sector. Together with our customers we seek to optimise solutions to achieve greater efficiency in installation and lower costs for the different types of wiring.

Renewable Energy

Energías Renovables

In recent years, the rise of renewable energy in our country has converted us into benchmark companies. This plethora of companies, together with our experience and expertise has allowed us to make a firm entrance into the sector as suppliers of custom wiring for the interconnection of the various elements in solar panel systems and the internal wiring in the heads of wind turbines, going as far as collaborating with manufacturers in the development of specific parts to optimise their interconnection.

Access control


The wiring involved in the interconnection of the different electronic components used in access control systems, requires great precision. With the acquisition of ASJE Cabling we incorporate the experience of this company and its staff in the elaboration of this type of wiring.



In Spain there are a number of leading companies in the design and manufacture of both high-speed and urban trains. These developments require a major investment in R&D, as well as a business partner that can adapt to the different needs of each project, maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Precision machinery


Precision machinery manufacturers require specific solutions that allow the use of their products in severe, intensive environments and at extreme temperatures. Our processes allow us to respond to these needs by elaborating high precision wiring adapted to these environments.



The lift sector requires a complex network of highly specific wires, because it involves the connection of elements that have to travel a significant distance on repeated occasions. Our long history and extensive experience allow us to collaborate in the development of the optimal solution for the wiring of lifts, escalators and moving walkways.